What To Wear For Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

What To Wear For Your Boudoir Photo Shoot


This is always the big question I get from my clients. Tania, what the heck do I wear for my boudoir photo shoot! It’s a great questions, and the answer is pretty darn easy. You just have to pick and choose colour’s that look great on you. Plus also see how naked you are willing to get! There are so many flattering styles to go with. I just want to start by saying that no matter your shape or size, you can rock a boudoir session, hands down! If you have an area of your body that you want to minimize or down play, that is perfectly fine. Pick an outfit that can cover that area. So if you see below here the one piece¬† black outfit is perfect if you want to have a bit more coverage on your tummy area. Wearing heels instantly gives you an elongated look. Perhaps a silk or satin robe can be warn also. Plus I have a way of positioning you and angling my camera so that you look your ultimate best!! Ready to book your Session! Want my tips and tricks on how to look amazing in photos instantly? No Training Required!¬† Click here to get your FREE download.



Or maybe you want to opt for something more casual. Either way, you will look amazing. Aren’t sure what would work for you? I gottcha covered. Send me a note. I’d love to chat!

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