Guide To The Perfect Styled Engagement Shoot

What involved with planning a styled engagement shoot? I get this question all the time. It really come’s down to a few simple steps. All steps are critical to make your shoot and vision come to life. Deciding to have an engagement shoot is such a great idea, as you will be able to get comfortable with your photographer before your wedding day. Keep in mind, these steps aren’t only for engaged couples. But, also anyone wanting to coordinate a successful photo shoot.


Think of your personal style. How would you describe your style? Classic, rustic, retro etc.. figuring that piece out, will set the tone for your shoot. If you have a classic style, chances are you would be most comfortable creating a classic shoot concept. Some folk however have a combination of both classic and retro vibes. So feel free to mix the 2 together, to match your own style.


Start to collage an inspiration board of ideas and mood photos. Pinterest is an amazing tool to post photo ideas. I use Pinterest all the time. Check out and follow me over here. You will want to pin clothing ideas for yourself and your partner. Hairstyles and makeup idea’s, and other photos that will convey the mood you are wanting to achieve.


This is a very important step, that can make of break your photo shoot outcome. Coordinating wardrobe that will match your partner and your desired style. Also keep in mind, the location you are choosing. Will your shoot take place out doors? Will you be shooting in a field on a summers day? Be sure to keep it comfortable also and dress for the weather. Coordinating colours will be key to bringing the entire shoot together.


Find a location that speaks to your style and your over all desired mood board feel. If you have a classic style, choose a location that will reflect that. Perhaps an Urban shoot in a city center will be the right choice for you. If you enjoy the outdoors more, then perhaps a beautiful field is the spot for you. Be sure to stay true to your style, that way you will be completely satisfied with your selection in locations.

Step 5. PROPS

Props are often used in many styled shoots today. If you would like to have your shoot published on a popular blog or magazine, the props are a key part in getting published, but also adding a unique element to your images. You will want to keep in mind the theme or concept of your shoot, and use props that will blend well with the over all theme.


This is a very important step. Having your hair and makeup professional styled for your shoot is key to having images that you will love! Check out some of my before & after shots here and see what I mean. If you are going to invest in professional photographs, then also invest in Pro hair & makeup, for a polished wow effect.


Sharing all of this info with your photographer will be key to a successful shoot. Your photographer will then detail and create a story and document your vision into beautiful images.

Here is an example of a styled shoot I did with this couple Anastasyia and Miles. They really wanted an outdoor fall theme. We coordinated wardrobe, pops, Pro hair and makeup. Check out the entire shoot here. If you have any questions or you would like to comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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